The Best Ways To Spend A Rainy Day

A drop fell on the apple treeAnother on the roof;A half a dozen kissed the eaves,And made the gables laugh. A few went out to help the brook,That went to help the sea.Myself conjectured, Were they pearls,What necklaces could be! The dust replaced in hoisted roads,The birds jocoser sung;The sunshine threw his hat away,The orchards… Continue reading The Best Ways To Spend A Rainy Day


The Best Fortune Cookies I Have Received

The words that rest inside fortune cookies, many believe, are truthful and help us to recognize something new. A prediction, a realization to leading a better life and possibly following a particular truth or calling. I do believe the power of a fortune cookie and believe that with each one that comes into my life,… Continue reading The Best Fortune Cookies I Have Received

Writing Prompts To Aid Depression & Anxiety

During my second semester of my junior year at college, I had the opportunity to pursue a semester-long independent project. One of my courses allowed me to explore the world a bit further, specifically within the literary world and through a mental health lens. The project I created was a perusal of other colleges and… Continue reading Writing Prompts To Aid Depression & Anxiety

The Best Instagram Accounts Pt. 2

Writing Colorfully is back at it again! Nearly six months ago, I composed a post of some of my favorite Instagram accounts. Now, I am doing it all over again with accounts based around writing, art, photography, pets, and more. If you would like to read part one of this series, please click here:… Continue reading The Best Instagram Accounts Pt. 2