Similes: A Poem

Tangled likeJellyfish tendrils,Aquamarine and ultramarine,The corals, purplesAnd the greens.HeartsBleeding emotionallyLike ocean and moonSimiles,And when yoursBreaksI'll embroider theEmpty spaces.Rising, fallingUp and upDown then down,Twisting, zagging.No more vacancy.

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 5 – Inside & Outside

Your eyesLike windows,A marbled universeI was invited into. I pulled the shadesCreating a hideaway,Protecting you everyday.The blinds flung openA morning too early. We walked in the beatOf autumn,While you paraded in a falseSummer prance. We never made it to spring.Yet, floral daydreamsAre pasted to theUnderneath of eyelids.I wish upon starsThat they'll wipe away.