A Day At Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens

This past weekend, I spent Saturday at Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens. Located in Kennet Square Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens offers several acres of blooms of all type. Sections of the park possess their own theme and as the seasons come and go, special exhibits are open to all. Until November 17th, the theme is Blooms & Bamboo. Next, Longwood Gardens will ring in the holidays with Christmas … Continue reading A Day At Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens

An October Poem: In The Trees

In the treesWith the subtle breeze,Maple and sycamoreWaterfall. In the treesWith the mild breeze,Gray and cream scarvesFlutter like silken snow owls. In the treesWith the shivered breeze,Chestnut squirrelsPluck their tails. In the treesWith the billowed breeze,Orange harmoniesAnd yellow melodiesChime as the sun driftsIn thenOut. In the treesWith the blizzard breeze,The lapis skyLapped at EastAnd folded atWest. In the treesWith the thunderstorm breeze,Where birdhouses swayBranches bowAnd … Continue reading An October Poem: In The Trees

A Short Story: Greenhouse

The boy ran through the woods. His feet naked, like they always were. He never did wear a pair of socks. Long grasses tickled the spaces between each of his toes. And mossy pieces grew from underneath nails. Wet wildflowers would kiss his ankles, leaves sticking to heel. The woods was the boy’s sanctuary. A peaceful pavilion to roam like a moose, be free like … Continue reading A Short Story: Greenhouse

No Matter The Weather: Integrating Nature’s Forces Into Your Story

Using the weather, its elements, and conditions isn’t something new. Our beloved writers from the beginning of time have taken inspiration from cloudy skies, thunderstorms, and blizzards. Remember to get the weather in your damn book – weather is very important.” Ernest Hemingway Weather captures the environment and illustrates the mood and tone, relating to the scene and its emotions. Weather can be a form … Continue reading No Matter The Weather: Integrating Nature’s Forces Into Your Story

Summer Color Schemes & Mood Boards

Summer is packed to the sweltering seams of vibrance and energy. The sun blazes fully and the color that surrounds never ceases to exist. The sunsets stretch further and the ocean waves glow in a special turquoise. Light just seems to shimmer anywhere and everywhere. In celebration, I created color schemes and mood boards to reflect the season and possibly inspire decorating combinations and fashion … Continue reading Summer Color Schemes & Mood Boards

An Appreciation Of Sunsets

Sunsets smear across the sky. These melted crayon boxes ripple and shatter through the only true blue. She will always return by next morning. Eyes have marveled at the vivid horizons and cameras by the millions have flashed across the sight, as famous as a landmark. Sunsets conclude the day, a flashy hello and a shimmering goodbye enfolded all in one. These twinkling twilights maintain … Continue reading An Appreciation Of Sunsets