Thanksgiving Color Thesaurus

If Thanksgiving were a color, what shade would it be? For many, Thanksgiving brings rustic tones to eyes. The holiday likely glows in something warm, cozy, and nostalgic. Butterscotch browns, maroons and burgundy, heated oranges, and dark yellows are the common color schemes of November and Thanksgiving. But there is a particular number of unrecognized … Continue reading Thanksgiving Color Thesaurus

A November Poem: Field Notes

The lush of theCanopyMade my eyesFill with glareAs parakeet paletteGlinted back at me,A shineHarsher than the sun. Peaked and ducked,Long rays from skyTo footprint pathwaysWeaved in the breezeBuried, then revealedLike the letter WIn the branches. Thick trunksCrackled in chipped barkDripped in sodden sap,As burly rootsGrappled at feetManeuvered around leavesAnd across moss beds,Careful not to disturb … Continue reading A November Poem: Field Notes