October Inspired Writing Prompts

Daylight fades earlier and earlier, making night fall faster. Spend your nights with your pen and curl up to these exciting October inspired writing prompts. No matter what you like to write, these prompts are sure to fit into your style. Connect with the month of October and become inspired by the energy that surrounds. … Continue reading October Inspired Writing Prompts

An October Poem: In The Trees

In the treesWith the subtle breeze,Maple and sycamoreWaterfall. In the treesWith the mild breeze,Gray and cream scarvesFlutter like silken snow owls. In the treesWith the shivered breeze,Chestnut squirrelsPluck their tails. In the treesWith the billowed breeze,Orange harmoniesAnd yellow melodiesChime as the sun driftsIn thenOut. In the treesWith the blizzard breeze,The lapis skyLapped at EastAnd folded … Continue reading An October Poem: In The Trees