Ways To Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

If you have not yet heard, July is National Ice Cream Month. With a dessert as delicious as this one, it surely deserves 31 days dedicated to it. If you are like me, you can eat ice cream no matter the weather or season. But munching on this treat is even better when the sun … Continue reading Ways To Celebrate National Ice Cream Month


A July Poem: Fireworks

Eyes can't be stained purpleOr form weeping willow fantasies.Eyes can't fizzAnd gently rock the worldInto happy stomach quakes. Eyes can't light up the sky'sDarkened kaleidoscope.Eyes can't burst above city scapesAnd flourish into colorful bombs. Fireworks. Liftoff,Then explosion.The wide gazeFollowed by a blink.There, then not.Attention absorbed,Illuminated focus. Fireworks.

The Best Tunes For Any Table Scape

A tasteful Sunday brunch? A flavorful Friday night dinner? A light Wednesday breakfast? Whatever meal you sit down with, at the dining room table or living room coffee table, music is always ready to accompany you. On Monday, I posted a blog about the best instrumentals and ambient tracks to listen to while needing to … Continue reading The Best Tunes For Any Table Scape