Autumn Color Schemes

Autumn comes with its own color palette. From a range of greens, pale to dark like pine, and the lively reds and oranges that make our eyes widen with pleasure and allure. With all the color that sweeps the world, autumn’s colors can inspire fashion pairings, interior design trends, and more. For an extra boost of inspiration and dose of colorful living, here is an … Continue reading Autumn Color Schemes

Paint Sample Poetry

Interior designers may make you believe that paint samples only hold a purpose of deciding what color to paint your home. Don’t be fooled and steered in a false direction. Paint samples can come in handy for other projects. For artists, they can be used in a collage or mosaic. For writers, the color and their names can be used to inspire poems. I visited … Continue reading Paint Sample Poetry

Summer Color Schemes & Mood Boards

Summer is packed to the sweltering seams of vibrance and energy. The sun blazes fully and the color that surrounds never ceases to exist. The sunsets stretch further and the ocean waves glow in a special turquoise. Light just seems to shimmer anywhere and everywhere. In celebration, I created color schemes and mood boards to reflect the season and possibly inspire decorating combinations and fashion … Continue reading Summer Color Schemes & Mood Boards

The Many Magical Window Displays At Harry Potter World

At Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida, there are many hidden gems and photo-worthy scenes that are too good to pass up. From this silly sculpture outside the pet store (above) to all of the store fronts. The scenes and imagery inside the store fronts at Harry Potter World are artful and full of magical things. I made it a goal to snap a photo … Continue reading The Many Magical Window Displays At Harry Potter World

The Best Restaurants, Snacks, & Drinks At Universal Studios

This past December, I had the chance to escape the cold, snow, and icy climate of Pennsylvania. I traveled many miles to Florida’s warmth and sunshine-filled days. Over the holiday season, my family and I spent a week in Orlando, Florida. There, we enjoyed the roller coasters, food, souvenir searching, and interacting with the characters from Harry Potter, Spider-Man, The Transformers, Fast & Furious, Jimmy … Continue reading The Best Restaurants, Snacks, & Drinks At Universal Studios

A January Poem: The Letter A

Tiny hands Clenching long, shiny poles Reflections of smiles And victim of Bouncing sounds Cotton candy tunes Ecstatic volumes Wiggling bottoms and Pressing toes Like airplane anticipation Awaiting takeoff Spindle to a record The spinning begins Weak twirls grow in magnitude And multitude Horses trotting lightly Before galloping and leaping Lifting and dropping A merry-go-round Dance A circuit pattern You never want To end Bee-line … Continue reading A January Poem: The Letter A

Christmas Inspired Color Palettes and Mood Boards

We see green, just like the pines we place in living rooms. We see red too, just like the ornaments that decorate and the sweaters we wear to keep us warm. Silver and blue are sprinkled in from the nighttime and winter snow. Color plays a significant role during the Christmas season. Each color holds its own memories and can inspire festive color schemes that … Continue reading Christmas Inspired Color Palettes and Mood Boards