Antique Shop: A Poem

Crooked "Open" sign,Three concrete steps upUntil the door is pushedAnd a bell rings outLike a bicycle ding,Located all the way in the back. Cardboard boxes,Contents insideAlways seeming to swap.Corners torn and tappedRecords placedOf a million spins. Melodious and harmonic rowsOf living room dancesAnd late night singing sessions.Beatles & Beach BoysCash & Presley. A gramophonePerched window… Continue reading Antique Shop: A Poem


An August Poem: The Letter Z

Fern, moss, and jadePatchwork,Quilted trees andProperty line strings. Contrasting tealOf ponds andLakes. Hovering hot air balloonWeaved basket, floatingOval parachuteAnd flickering fireTo raise us higher.The back of our necks sweat. We land eventuallyOur stance returning to ground,Traversing grasses and weedsAnd drum beating against sidewalks. We pass by gardens.Our ankles waveAnd toes say hello.They dodge tossed mulchLike… Continue reading An August Poem: The Letter Z

A Saturday Poem

He wrote her a note in a bottleScrawled in peacock inkOf language that would make her heartVibrate like a harpThat he hoped to set free in a cerulean oasisBut he dropped the bottle on concreteTherefore shattering into uncollectible fragments. But it was okBecause the horizonShimmered inSaturday. He drove to the storeA shopping list folded and… Continue reading A Saturday Poem

A Sunday Poem

The plants she had plantedDigging holes with shovelsBurning beneath the sunDehydratedHad shriveled and decomposed. But it was okBecause it was onlySunday. The eggs she had preparedFishing for shellsAnd aiming for sunny-side upHad made the fire alarms rattle. But it was okBecause it was onlySunday. The shirt she had purchasedCosting a crisp $100 billHad shrunk and… Continue reading A Sunday Poem

Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Khalid’s Discography

Grammy I have my favorite singers who I can rely on to make my day better and brighter when I need it most. For me, Khalid has become one of those musicians. My constant repeating of his album American Teen and Free Spirit inspired this blog post. I took several of his hits and turned… Continue reading Creative Writing Prompts Inspired By Khalid’s Discography

Blackout Poetry

One of the creative writing prompts I remember completing in ninth grade was blackout poetry. You take a page from a book and use the words on the page to help form a poem. All the words not used are colored over by a marker. Any of the words can be used in any way.… Continue reading Blackout Poetry

A July Poem: Fireworks

Eyes can't be stained purpleOr form weeping willow fantasies.Eyes can't fizzAnd gently rock the worldInto happy stomach quakes. Eyes can't light up the sky'sDarkened kaleidoscope.Eyes can't burst above city scapesAnd flourish into colorful bombs. Fireworks. Liftoff,Then explosion.The wide gazeFollowed by a blink.There, then not.Attention absorbed,Illuminated focus. Fireworks.

Summer Inspired Poetry Prompts

Summer is like a packaged deal for writers. We earn warm weather and heaps of inspiration as we grab notebooks and pencils to return outside. We are finally able to write beneath sunshine skies, using the words that have been tucked inside our minds since winter. For me, I write some of my best material… Continue reading Summer Inspired Poetry Prompts

A May Poem: Voyage

Chopped cliffs &Glowworm caveTo your rightLike a guided museum tourThe sights wereTraumatically amusing. The sun had abandoned usFor much smallerDiscs and orbsTiny lanterns, many milesAwayThe light was plentifulYet, not enough. The moon hadDistanced itself from usShrinking intoA sliver, a shredAlmond and coconut. The fog rolledThe mist kissedThe clouds consumedAs if the lashing sea,Swaying wavesCeased to… Continue reading A May Poem: Voyage

The Best Adjectives To Use In Writing

Adjectives are words with attitude and personality. Adjectives offer insight into the scene that is expressed. Through the right selection of adjectives, something once fictional can seem very real, very logical, very true. A range of emotions can be produced through adjectives. As a writer or even a student, you may have been instructed into… Continue reading The Best Adjectives To Use In Writing