The Best Fall (And Winter) Sales & Deals At Hobby Lobby

Feeling like getting crafty? Hobby Lobby has you covered! Hobby Lobby is one of the best places to shop for craft supplies, home decor, and any other knick-knacks you are hoping to find. With fall right around the corner, I visited my local Hobby Lobby to track down some of the best deals and products … Continue reading The Best Fall (And Winter) Sales & Deals At Hobby Lobby

Antique Shop: A Poem

Crooked "Open" sign,Three concrete steps upUntil the door is pushedAnd a bell rings outLike a bicycle ding,Located all the way in the back. Cardboard boxes,Contents insideAlways seeming to swap.Corners torn and tappedRecords placedOf a million spins. Melodious and harmonic rowsOf living room dancesAnd late night singing sessions.Beatles & Beach BoysCash & Presley. A gramophonePerched window … Continue reading Antique Shop: A Poem