Comet: A Poem

At nightI envision my houseFloating,Attached to a cometBy silver string,Silver like a spider's web,But more beautiful,Charming,ExquisiteLike stars and diamonds.Tethered toExpensive threadI'm attached to a comet,My home's foundationTucked in an unknownGalaxyAs silence prevailsAnd refuses to beTainted with.Dark wraps my windowEnveloped,Like a love letter.

Iris: A May Poem

One of my favorite painters is Vincent Van Gogh. One painting I like by him is 1889, Irises. Inspired by his masterpiece and the season of spring, I wrote a poem depicting Van Gogh's painting, describing the color, movement, and emotions of the scene. Interestingly, I initially wrote this poem during National Poetry Writing Month. … Continue reading Iris: A May Poem

Lemons: A Poem (National Lemonade Day)

Today, May 3rd, is National Lemonade Day. Besides sipping on the ice cold, sweet, and tangy beverage, what better way to honor the day than with a poem? Fresh out of National Poetry Writing Month, my mind and pencil still feel invested in poetry. So, here is a poem about lemons and lemonade and all … Continue reading Lemons: A Poem (National Lemonade Day)

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 13 – Radio

Circular speakersLarge like moonsGlowing in the night,Silent shimmers byPillow case.Like a warm mouthIn my earVerse and chorusRing and remain,Just sitting there. Static buzzesAnd I imagine somethingInterstellar. Turning knobsSkittering past numbers,Favorites always ended inNines and fives. New music flung itselfAcross my mind,Illuminating the backsOf my eyesAnd igniting a streamOf stories untold,The pronouns referred toCharacters I'd soon … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 13 – Radio

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 10 – Bi-Polar

"You'll be okay." The ink drips in foreverThick like paint,Enduring. Onyx letteringAcross bonesI try to repaintWhite,Yet the soiledWords crackle through,Fast then faster. "You're going to be fine." I wipe awayEbony strokes,Un-dotting, un-crossing,Hoping my heartWill chip away the restAnd leave behindChromatic stamps. "You'll survive." Cloaked in ravenThe ink dries,I'll find another wayTo live.