An August Poem: The Letter Z

Fern, moss, and jadePatchwork,Quilted trees andProperty line strings. Contrasting tealOf ponds andLakes. Hovering hot air balloonWeaved basket, floatingOval parachuteAnd flickering fireTo raise us higher.The back of our necks sweat. We land eventuallyOur stance returning to ground,Traversing grasses and weedsAnd drum beating against sidewalks. We pass by gardens.Our ankles waveAnd toes say hello.They dodge tossed mulchLike forest logs. Brown specklesAmorphous smudgesInvading pink petals,Swallowing rosy blush. Blotches … Continue reading An August Poem: The Letter Z

East Coast Diary: Things To Do In Virginia

I have been to Virginia three times. All three of those times were drive throughs, heading to South Carolina or Florida. This past week, I had returned to Virginia, finally stepping foot on its ground and sandy beach. During my week in Virginia, I soaked up the sunshine while relaxing on the beach. I was able to enjoy the weather and the seascape by editing … Continue reading East Coast Diary: Things To Do In Virginia

A Saturday Poem

He wrote her a note in a bottleScrawled in peacock inkOf language that would make her heartVibrate like a harpThat he hoped to set free in a cerulean oasisBut he dropped the bottle on concreteTherefore shattering into uncollectible fragments. But it was okBecause the horizonShimmered inSaturday. He drove to the storeA shopping list folded and creasedLike a thin dryer sheetLavender pocketEnveloped insideMaking wrong turnsWanting to … Continue reading A Saturday Poem

The Best Ways To Spend A Rainy Day

A drop fell on the apple treeAnother on the roof;A half a dozen kissed the eaves,And made the gables laugh. A few went out to help the brook,That went to help the sea.Myself conjectured, Were they pearls,What necklaces could be! The dust replaced in hoisted roads,The birds jocoser sung;The sunshine threw his hat away,The orchards spangles hung. The breezes brought dejected lutes,And bathed them in … Continue reading The Best Ways To Spend A Rainy Day

Paint Sample Poetry

Interior designers may make you believe that paint samples only hold a purpose of deciding what color to paint your home. Don’t be fooled and steered in a false direction. Paint samples can come in handy for other projects. For artists, they can be used in a collage or mosaic. For writers, the color and their names can be used to inspire poems. I visited … Continue reading Paint Sample Poetry

Summer Color Schemes & Mood Boards

Summer is packed to the sweltering seams of vibrance and energy. The sun blazes fully and the color that surrounds never ceases to exist. The sunsets stretch further and the ocean waves glow in a special turquoise. Light just seems to shimmer anywhere and everywhere. In celebration, I created color schemes and mood boards to reflect the season and possibly inspire decorating combinations and fashion … Continue reading Summer Color Schemes & Mood Boards

Ways To Celebrate National Blueberry Month

July flickers in fireflies and glows in fireworks. July is also known for sizzling barbecues. National Ice Cream Month also takes place this month, along with National Blueberry Month. Two days ago, I shared a list of fun ways to celebrate ice cream. Now, I am sharing ways to celebrate blueberries throughout the month of July. Visit a blueberry patch. Visiting a blueberry patch is … Continue reading Ways To Celebrate National Blueberry Month

Summer Inspired Poetry Prompts

Summer is like a packaged deal for writers. We earn warm weather and heaps of inspiration as we grab notebooks and pencils to return outside. We are finally able to write beneath sunshine skies, using the words that have been tucked inside our minds since winter. For me, I write some of my best material during the summer months. And the more I write, the … Continue reading Summer Inspired Poetry Prompts

A June Poem: Beneath The Pier

We huddledBeneath the pierLike pretzels.Washed denim speckled with sandLike salted dough. We huddledBeneath the pierHis hair orangeMy heart red.Like the tangerine and cherrySherbet sky. We huddledBeneath the pierWhite pearl seashells,Small like nailsKissed and nippedOur toes. We huddledBeneath the pierBright umbrella topsPlastic pails and shovels andTowels sprawled.Chairs uprightJust like the two of us. We huddledBeneath the […]

Continue reading A June Poem: Beneath The Pier

7 Poems That Will Have You Dreaming Of Summer

Summer smells like morning air and sunscreen. Summer looks like bright days and even brighter nights. Summer feels like freedom. Summer sounds like beach waves and campfire crackles. Summer tastes like ice cream and fresh fruit. April not only delivers the rain showers that bring May flowers, but it can also come with soft, subtle pangs of warm weather. The month can cause anyone to … Continue reading 7 Poems That Will Have You Dreaming Of Summer