7 Best Writing Apps For Writers & Word Enthusiasts

We use apps to help us order food and catch a ride to anywhere. So why not have a few apps to help us write better? It just makes sense. Luckily, there are many that we can download onto our phones. I like to switch up my writing apps often, but like to have a… Continue reading 7 Best Writing Apps For Writers & Word Enthusiasts


A Guide On Creating Your Own Website

There is likely to be an infinite number of reasons to build a website. You might want to brand yourself as a freelancer, post your content publicly, advertise your business, and so on. Crafting a website that showcases and resembles who you are in the best and most professional of light is important. We are… Continue reading A Guide On Creating Your Own Website

7 Exciting, Enjoyable, Non-Tiresome, & Totally Awesome Podcasts

It is almost time to leave, so you snatch your car keys, grab your phone, bag, and head out the door. You open the car door and climb inside. After turning the key in the ignition, do you adjust the radio knobs next? Or cue up your favorite podcast, just pressing play? Listening to music… Continue reading 7 Exciting, Enjoyable, Non-Tiresome, & Totally Awesome Podcasts

Websites To Search Before Writing

Writing is a freeing activity, yet still requires a certain amount of research and planning before fingers touch keys or pencil touches paper. This blog post will not focus on the mundane and most anticipated research. Instead, it will feature websites to make the research and planning a lot more fun. Each of the links… Continue reading Websites To Search Before Writing