East Coast Diary: Things To Do In Virginia

I have been to Virginia three times. All three of those times were drive-throughs, heading to South Carolina or Florida. This past week, I had returned to Virginia, finally stepping foot on its ground and sandy beach. During my week in Virginia, I soaked up the sunshine while relaxing on the beach. I was able… Continue reading East Coast Diary: Things To Do In Virginia


The Best Ways To Spend A Rainy Day

A drop fell on the apple treeAnother on the roof;A half a dozen kissed the eaves,And made the gables laugh. A few went out to help the brook,That went to help the sea.Myself conjectured, Were they pearls,What necklaces could be! The dust replaced in hoisted roads,The birds jocoser sung;The sunshine threw his hat away,The orchards… Continue reading The Best Ways To Spend A Rainy Day

The Many Magical Window Displays At Harry Potter World

At Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida, there are many hidden gems and photo-worthy scenes that are too good to pass up. From this silly sculpture outside the pet store (above) to all of the store fronts. The scenes and imagery inside the store fronts at Harry Potter World are artful and full of magical… Continue reading The Many Magical Window Displays At Harry Potter World

An Appreciation Of Sunsets

Sunsets smear across the sky. These melted crayon boxes ripple and shatter through the only true blue. She will always return by next morning. Eyes have marveled at the vivid horizons and cameras by the millions have flashed across the sight, as famous as a landmark. Sunsets conclude the day, a flashy hello and a… Continue reading An Appreciation Of Sunsets

A June Poem: Beneath The Pier

We huddledBeneath the pierLike pretzels.Washed denim speckled with sandLike salted dough. We huddledBeneath the pierHis hair orangeMy heart red.Like the tangerine and cherrySherbet sky. We huddledBeneath the pierWhite pearl seashells,Small like nailsKissed and nippedOur toes. We huddledBeneath the pierBright umbrella topsPlastic pails and shovels andTowels sprawled.Chairs uprightJust like the two of us. We huddledBeneath the […]

A May Poem: Voyage

Chopped cliffs &Glowworm caveTo your rightLike a guided museum tourThe sights wereTraumatically amusing. The sun had abandoned usFor much smallerDiscs and orbsTiny lanterns, many milesAwayThe light was plentifulYet, not enough. The moon hadDistanced itself from usShrinking intoA sliver, a shredAlmond and coconut. The fog rolledThe mist kissedThe clouds consumedAs if the lashing sea,Swaying wavesCeased to… Continue reading A May Poem: Voyage

The Best Restaurants, Snacks, & Drinks At Universal Studios

This past December, I had the chance to escape the cold, snow, and icy climate of Pennsylvania. I traveled many miles to Florida's warmth and sunshine-filled days. Over the holiday season, my family and I spent a week in Orlando, Florida. There, we enjoyed the roller coasters, food, souvenir searching, and interacting with the characters… Continue reading The Best Restaurants, Snacks, & Drinks At Universal Studios