The Connection Between Humans & Bonsai Trees

Today I turn 22 years old. When I was young, I never thought I'd turn 20. As a child, you imagine yourself to remain steady forever, never transitioning into a teenager, let alone an adult. Obviously, this is not the case. I like my birthday a lot, in fact, I love it. I look forward … Continue reading The Connection Between Humans & Bonsai Trees

A December Poem: Snowflakes

The skyReflected ice skate lakes,Teal and shiny like steel. The celestial vaultWas folded like a blanketAnd placed inside the freezer,Beside the vanillaBehind the December lacedIce cube trays. The atmosphereChurned and stirredLike cookie batter.Flour sprinklingCountertop cornersAs white sliversCoated knit. The cerulean sphereWhispered and howledIn snowflakes,Magnetized to mittensAnd configuring pathwaysTo the mazes ofSnowscapes. The periwinkle havenSpun and … Continue reading A December Poem: Snowflakes

6 Nine Word Poems

"Cloudless,Light beams don't catchAt this tidal hour." "Amorphous piecesLike theatre curtainsPeeling away,Atlantic swaying." "Swelled and foldedQuivered ripples,Before settling motionlesslyReflective." "Hands underMicroscopes,Paths back to each otherHypothesized." "Boxed attic telescopesSilver atoms,Stars and spider webs." "Cold turns balmyWinter runsSummer bounds,System glitch.”

9 Seven Word Poems

"Grayscale languageInvisibility bleeds,Pastel's vigorous absence." "The glitter dribbles,And it profusely stings." "Land, seaMapped wrinkles, creasesOn sleeves." "Rhythmic pacing ofCement pouring,Daytime fades." "Eleven thousandLavender skiesHave surpassed us." "Balcony doorOpen forYou, sun, moon.” "EntrancedIn the shade ofRubied pomegranate." "The vintage airPricks our nostrils nostalgically." "Desert rains,I am onlyYour afterthought."

How To Find Your Philosophy, Ignite Your Passion, & Live Your Best Life

What is the meaning of life? Ask a biologist, archeologist, psychologist, or sociologist, and each would reply with a different answer. Present the same question to an adult, child, male, or female and the responses would also differ. Who is correct? Who is wrong? I believe that everything holds meaning. Sometimes the meaning translates to … Continue reading How To Find Your Philosophy, Ignite Your Passion, & Live Your Best Life