The Connection Between Storytelling & Programming

I started coding websites during freshman year of college. Quickly, I found that programming and coding are a language and writing style in and of itself. I had to become accustomed to this new form of language, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. There is much to memorize when coding in order to implement the … Continue reading The Connection Between Storytelling & Programming

Writing Tips To Make Your Work Golden

You may have seen the Pinterest pins and read article after article that promised to make you a better writer. But there are certain tips and pieces of advice that the writing community does not discuss often and very well may be preventing your writing from shining in its truest form. I have been writing … Continue reading Writing Tips To Make Your Work Golden

Lemons: A Poem (National Lemonade Day)

Today, May 3rd, is National Lemonade Day. Besides sipping on the ice cold, sweet, and tangy beverage, what better way to honor the day than with a poem? Fresh out of National Poetry Writing Month, my mind and pencil still feel invested in poetry. So, here is a poem about lemons and lemonade and all … Continue reading Lemons: A Poem (National Lemonade Day)

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 13 – Radio

Circular speakersLarge like moonsGlowing in the night,Silent shimmers byPillow case.Like a warm mouthIn my earVerse and chorusRing and remain,Just sitting there. Static buzzesAnd I imagine somethingInterstellar. Turning knobsSkittering past numbers,Favorites always ended inNines and fives. New music flung itselfAcross my mind,Illuminating the backsOf my eyesAnd igniting a streamOf stories untold,The pronouns referred toCharacters I'd soon … Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month: Day 13 – Radio

National Poetry Writing Month: Day 10 – Bi-Polar

"You'll be okay." The ink drips in foreverThick like paint,Enduring. Onyx letteringAcross bonesI try to repaintWhite,Yet the soiledWords crackle through,Fast then faster. "You're going to be fine." I wipe awayEbony strokes,Un-dotting, un-crossing,Hoping my heartWill chip away the restAnd leave behindChromatic stamps. "You'll survive." Cloaked in ravenThe ink dries,I'll find another wayTo live.