A Saturday Poem

He wrote her a note in a bottleScrawled in peacock inkOf language that would make her heartVibrate like a harpThat he hoped to set free in a cerulean oasisBut he dropped the bottle on concreteTherefore shattering into uncollectible fragments. But it was okBecause the horizonShimmered inSaturday. He drove to the storeA shopping list folded and… Continue reading A Saturday Poem


The Best Fortune Cookies I Have Received

The words that rest inside fortune cookies, many believe, are truthful and help us to recognize something new. A prediction, a realization to leading a better life and possibly following a particular truth or calling. I do believe the power of a fortune cookie and believe that with each one that comes into my life,… Continue reading The Best Fortune Cookies I Have Received

The Proof Is In The Pudding: The Best Data Driven Narratives

We are human first and data second. No matter where we travel, we represent a statistic that changes within the roles we play. Inside the homes we live, we represent a statistic that symbolizes occupancy. At the workplace, we are one of many that supports a department. At the airport or in line for a… Continue reading The Proof Is In The Pudding: The Best Data Driven Narratives

The Best Adjectives To Use In Writing

Adjectives are words with attitude and personality. Adjectives offer insight into the scene that is expressed. Through the right selection of adjectives, something once fictional can seem very real, very logical, very true. A range of emotions can be produced through adjectives. As a writer or even a student, you may have been instructed into… Continue reading The Best Adjectives To Use In Writing

National Poetry Writing Month Prompts

Dear poets, what are you writing this month? Are you hoping for a portfolio of free verse? An entire diary of haiku? What about sonnets, couplets, and limericks? Which ever kind of poetry you are hoping to write during National Poetry Writing Month, I hope it is a fun and creative 30 days that is… Continue reading National Poetry Writing Month Prompts

Shakespeare Sonnets To Inspire Illustrations

Illustrators are a remarkable group of artists. Their mind is artistic and hands pulsating with technique and talent. As they produce heaps of work for clients or just for fun, they must remain inspired. Illustrators have little time to hit those creative roadblocks. While writing can inspire other textual work, it can also inspire illustrations… Continue reading Shakespeare Sonnets To Inspire Illustrations

A March Poem: Door Mat

Coir door mat Can fit two feet And ten toes But just the ones That are yours. A tambourine knock And a chime doorbell. Wait just a Moment As the screen Swings open For you. The sky is changing Spinning and shifting No longer Cloud covered. It wasn't a Thunderstorm That was coming. Spring was… Continue reading A March Poem: Door Mat

Life Lessons Told Through Song Lyrics

Rap and hip-hop is known for being an innovative and transformative genre. It is also known for common questioning of how seriously it can be taken. The language includes all of the words we were taught to never speak. But what if some of the most important and relevant life lessons we could ever learn,… Continue reading Life Lessons Told Through Song Lyrics

Placed On A Pedestal, The Number One

One. The number that means more than nothing, but less than two, three, four, five... It is the number that changes meaning depending on its context. Many want more than one of their favorite thing. Two flowers is always more beautiful, two bars of Twix is always more sweeter, two hours of sleep is always… Continue reading Placed On A Pedestal, The Number One

The Best Vocabulary To Use While Writing A Thriller

October has come and gone, but its spookiness lives and thrives in published stories and novels throughout the other eleven months. Ghosts and goblins are never afraid to present themselves in the middle of February or through the nights of June. Each story genre comes with its own set of rules, standards, and writing technique.… Continue reading The Best Vocabulary To Use While Writing A Thriller